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RECONCEPTUALISE your old beliefs of PAIN and RE -ENGAGE to bring the JOY back into your LIFE.

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If you have pain you are not alone. 20 % of humans have pain that has persisted for more than 3 months. Pain is usually unpleasant and pain hurts! Pain is one of our alarm or protective systems in or bodies and it is very sophisticated and brutally effective. The massive amount of scientific research in the past 25 years is very clear on the following point: Pain depends on the brain’s evaluation of danger and NOT on the actual danger. If your brain perceives that a part of your body is in danger and needs protecting, then the brain will make that part of your body hurt. It happens outside of your control. It is your brains conviction.

There are many situations where the amount of pain you experience does not correctly relate to the amount of danger your body tissues are in. Once a danger message from the body reaches the brain, the brain then draws from a large amount of inputs and converges all the inputs and may or may not decide to engage in the output of pain and protective behaviour.

All the recent research in neuro science has led to a kind of a “NEURO REVOLUTION” which is resulting in fundamental changes in the way pain is understand, managed and treated around the world. This Pain reconceptualising revolution is injecting new and true hope into the lives of millions of people suffering from pain.

Here are the 11 target concepts of understanding pain that is necessary to understand for each individual that suffers from pain. Reconceptualise your old believes and you will be able to have joy in your life again.

Explain Pain Supercharged Lorimer Moseley, David Butler

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