We are passionate about facilitating optimal healing and empowering patients to take control of their injuries. We strive to provide individualised treatment plans based on the best current evidence and to create an atmosphere where patients can feel cared for, supported and acknowledged.


Active Therapy

We always strive to ensure maximum patient participation during the rehabilitation process in order to empower and equip patients to self-manage. Passive treatment modalities are used as an adjunct to facilitate better, more comfortable exercise participation


Each patient is different and we are committed to designing patient specific treatment plans to suit each person’s goals and unique presentation. We aim to remain aware of the complexity of our being and consider all internal and external factors that can influence healing and wellness.

Trusted Relationship

We strongly believe in the importance of a good therapeutic relationship with our patients and encourage mutual respect, intent listening and honest conversations

Evidence Based

All our physiotherapists regularly attend courses and use other resources to ensure that we are up to date with the latest in rehabilitation research


Our well-equipped gym ensures that we are not limited by lack of space or equipment during the rehabilitation process


We closely monitor our patient’s progress and goals and in cases where no improvement occurs, we make use of second opinions from our colleagues and/or local specialists.


Therapeutic modalities or treatments are used to assist the Physiotherapist in treating an injury, disability or disorder and to promote, maintain or restore a person’s physical and psychological well being.

At Therapy in Action we respect each patient’s individuality and preference and therefore a wide variety of treatment modalities are available to optimise each patient’s recovery.

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