A Functional Approach

We focus on functional rehabilitation and the prevention of kinesiophobia (the fear of moving when pain is present, which may lead to a chronic pain syndrome and alarmist thought patterns.) Our well-equipped gym facilities enable clients to take part in group or individual rehabilitation sessions.

Our experienced therapists have an individualized approached with each patient’s  assessment and treatment plan.

Treatment Modalities

Postural analysis and correction
Pain education and management
Hands on Physiotherapy
– Passive and active joint mobilization techniques
– Soft tissue and neural mobilization
– Muscle and Nerve stimulation
– Laser
– Deep Oscillation
Dry Needling
Supportive and Dynamic taping
Functional Rehabilitation
– Optimizes muscle strength and endurance
– Normalize muscle imbalance and movement
Ergonomic education and recommendations

Therapeutic modalities or treatments are used to assist the Physiotherapist in treating an injury, disability or disorder and to promote, maintain or restore a person’s physical and psychological well being.

At Therapy in Action we respect each patient’s individuality and preference and therefore a wide variety of treatment modalities are available to optimise each patient’s recovery.

We Treat the Following Conditions

Musculoskeletal injuries- acute and chronic.
Overuse syndrome (repetitive strain)
Sport injuries
Kinesiophobia (Fear of movement)
Chronic pain
Peripheral nerve conditions
Posture and alignment
CRPS – Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome
Wound Care – enhance wound healing with electrotherapy
Pre – Post surgical guidance and rehabilitation