As more and more people these days spend their time sitting behind a screen, the importance of office Ergonomics and workplace exercises have become a great focus point in recent days. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders affect millions of people each year. Among these disorder, neck and upper limb dysfunctions are very common, second only to low back pain in Hong Kong and around the world. Due to the nature of modern society, static posture and repetitive upper limb actions have become the two most widely recognised risk factors contributing to these disorders. According to extensive research on the effects of ergonomic interventions in the workplace, the results failed to show a marked improvement in decreasing upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders. However if combined with “workplace-based resisted exercise training” it indicates strong evidence of improvement. These results therefore indicate that ergonomic interventions needs to be matched with suitable training of the muscle control and postural habits to produce positive effects on workers and thereby improve productivity at work and decrease absenteeism.

In recent years the standing desk has become very popular in the office, however recent research indicates that predominantly standing every day can have just as or even more of a negative effect on your body as it increases your risk of lower limb swelling and even lower back pain.

During the course presented by Physio-and Occupational Therapists of Therapy in Action we hope to address the above-mentioned problems and give you practical solutions. The topics covered in the course will include:

• Evidence-based research on postural correction, environment, exercise and socio-emotional factors
• A practical approach to office workstation/chair assessments
• Ergonomic devices involving the upper limb and factors to consider with visual conditions.
• Work station stretches/exercises
• Sit/Stand desk demonstration

The course will be presented at both our Therapy in Action branches on the
-Stellenbosch, 4 Herold street: Wednesday 25 July 17h – 20h
-Somerset West, 3A Arun Place: Thursday 2 August 17h – 20h

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